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Miratti is a luxury leather goods brand

Miratti puts the spotlight on the ancestral Moroccan craftsmanship, adapting it to the needs of modern professionals. The result is a collection of high-end leather goods made from the finest materials and designed to make your life easier.

Project date : December 2021
Project categories : Branding, E-commerce, Web developpement

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Inspired by the design of luxury brands, Miratti's web design is simple and refined yet practical. This guarantees a good user experience.



An ancestral knowledge, the excellence of Moroccan craftsmanship
Miratti's e-commerce website is designed with simplicity and refinement in the image of the brand's products. You can discover their collections of bags and luxury accessories that combine ancestral heritage and modernity, for women and men.
If you are curious discover the history of the brand, told by the founder Mr. GHALEM Youssef!

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