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Green Hills Landscaping

Une expérience Web pleinement responsive pour un contenu numérique optimal

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Green Hills Landscaping Office.

Green Hill is a design office specializing in outdoor design. Their landscape architects offer tailor-made studies and projects, with a global and personalized approach. Project yourself through their 3D ideas and discover your future tailor-made garden in the image of your desires.

Project date : November 2022
Project categories : E-commerce, Web developpement

Website home page mockup

AKOMPRO Digital Marketing Agency | Green ills Mock Up

Customize your site dynamically

We partnered with the Green Hills team to launch a fully responsive web experience that works efficiently on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.



The Green Hills team gave us their trust in making a digital interface that responds to their needs, and what we deliver was simply an amazing E-commerce page with a full web experience.
The Green Hills project was displayed with pride, as we do for all our projects

green hill maqette

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