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La Plateforme 5/5

Une plateforme web conçue et développée pour un contenu numérique responsive

La Plateforme : The artworks of young talents of the future in a single site

The 5/5 platform is a free web portal created by the Association des ``Beaux-Arts Solidarité Maroc``. In order to promote the work of the Moroccan artistic youth. The 5/5 Platform promotes their works of art, projects, portfolios and even their current achievements.

Project date : September 2022
Project categories : Art, E-commerce, Visual Identity

Website home page mockup

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Inspired by the College’s own statement of purpose, the sophisticated new design showcases Penrhos’ strong, youthful brand and demonstrates their rich culture and innovative academic offerings through a smooth and engaging user experience.



We worked exactly on the full web experience by designing, developing and making the platform more responsive and efficient. A perfect masterpiece from beginning to end

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